Welcome To The Baby
Rapper Gank

First of all Baby Rapper is a collection of 1500 NFTs – unique digital collectibles. Our NFTs making a voice in the Solana rhythm. Our team made this NFTs to honor and respect the career of rappers, because many of them are being stereotyped as a bad influence to the society. So with this NFTs our team decided to contribute in erasing those stereotypes, and bring positivity to the society. A lot of babies are born to be a rappers and it’s in their blood.


Phase 1

1. Establish The Baby Rapper NFT for the culture.

2. Official Baby Rapper website, Discord, and Twitter are released and available for public.


Phase 2

1. Public sale for all the gank.

2. Whitelist has been made to appriciate our early member and those who active in discord.

3. $MILK token will be Airdropped fairly for all the BabyRapper NFT Holders.

Phase 3

1. Leaderboards competition to stake your $MILK token and winner will be announce every end of the month, TOP 3 will be given SOL worth of $500, $250, $100 of SOL.

2. The first phase of 3D adaption will use $MILK token as a payment when v.1 Holders want to adapt their 3D version of Babyrapper NFT.

3. Every top 5 in every months will get whitelisted (1 only), for the next baby rapper special collection

Phase 4

1. Holding weekly rap battle with influencer host for the gank holders through Discord, winners will be voted by The Gank.

2.Weekly Fan-Art event through Twitter, winners will be decided by how many RT.

3. 30% of the royalties will be used for sweeping floor price.

Phase 5

1. Reveal the special collection of BabyRapper SuppaStar, minting, gonna used $MILK token and SOL in this Phase

2. Creating BabyRapper DAO for HOLDERS

3. BabyRapper SuppaStar will be adapted with 3D by using our $MILK token

Phase 6

Metaverse adoption. Who knows ? 😏😏😏

Stay Tuned!!!


Supply :
The $MILK token itself were created by Baby Rapper Gank as a utility that could change your Baby Rapper NFT and brings it to a whole new dimension, which is the 3D version of the Baby Rapper NFT itself. Other than that you could use our $MILK token to stake it, which will bring it to the leaderboard competition on our website. Stake your token to get a grand price every month. Another think is The $MILK token itself will be used for the special collection of the Baby Rapper which is SuppaStar
2D Version
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Our Team



"Swaggy" Developer



"Lex" Artist


Big J

"Peng" Leader

Ahn Hyo Yen

Ahn So-Ju

"Lowkey" Manager

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